Happy Chinese New Year Restaurant City

新年快樂 (Happy new year)

Well my lovely restauranturs we certainly got a vast reason to celebrate this update. the chinese new year bringing you decor that will hopefully make your restaurant luckier, its the year of the tiger and to celebrate the restaurant city fan page is giving a wonderful tiger decor and for all you romantics out there the first week of valentines day items have been released!

now i bet your thinking wow, what a great update but there’s more. yes you read right MORE! now instead of sending your friends a sandwich you can send them sweets and treats so go on. show them you care and send them some sweets to feed there staff. 3 hours seemed to short? well how does 4 hours sound?

now i am not going to say any more as i know you will be as eager as i was to see all these new wonderful things but make sure you log in every day and build your way to 3 free log in ingrediants because if you miss a day your back to one



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Go West

Howdy di do im the sheriff from out of town and im here to tell ya Country Story is going western this week.

yeah, you heard me right so get on your horse and ride on down to the town and lets see if this town is big enough for the two of us.


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Country Story Contest “My Farm” Annouced Today- Win 2000 Playfish Cash Coins!

Thats right you heard correctly first prize is 2000 Playfish cash coins !!! Not to mention all the runner-up prize amounts this is defiantly one of the most rewarding contests Playfish has had to date. The contest is being held in celebration of the new photo feature added to Country Story recently.  Not  already a player of  Country Story?… It’s never too late to start , everybody stands a chance to win thats what I love about Playfish contest even the simplest entry’s get a fair shake at it.  Happy decorating and hope if you win you invite me to the big hoedown celebration I can square dance a step or 2 😉

Links To Contest

Playfish Contest Forum Posting

Country Story Competition Fan Page

Country Story App

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The gangster wars have hit Restaurant City..

… and it appears no one is safe, with many restaurants falling under the tax of the group known only as the Gourmet Family. Writing this blog from beneath the trapdoor of The Winchester’s bar, myself and my minions, er, employees, are on the lam to ensure word gets out before we too fall under the outfit.

Gourmet associates are recognizable by their new sharp black and white suits, and if the bullet holes in the walls haven’t already clued you in, the newly mobbed up restaurants paying tribute are easily distinguishable by their transformation from brassy to classy, their excessive use of poker tables and blatant displays of newfound fortune. Be sure to avoid these places when looking for potential traders to get those two new dishes learned!

And don’t be looking for the officials to step in: the stand-ups over at Playfish have given us the ability to change our restaurants’ appearance at the flip of a switch – all the better for hiding those illegal and corrupt dealings?

Also, be on the look-out for this rumoured “Boss” of theirs, he’s known to come heavy (with pork and apple chops mostly) and eager to break an egg… and I don’t mean for your Tiramisu. They say he’s known to offer sweet rewards for your co-operation and unwav-

Ahhh…remember folks: the only beef worth seeking is the one for your Grilled Rump Steak!

Shalotta, over and out!

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Pet Society Pets Travel From Aussie to Scotland

Those that havent already checked out the new items released yesterday in Pet Society will be pleased with this weeks variety of items. Taking us all the way from Australia to Scotland.  That would explain why yesterday pets could be heard singing “Land Down Under” for far away.  Official word has come in that mysterious sound was indeed bagpipes being played by Hideeni, and the Mayor singing. Unfortunately (or fortunate for us) he was not performing at the Sydney Opera House, but rather  from his mansion which holds a beautiful view of the Sydeny Opera House from his living room window.

Along with the new items released is a new fishy the Kangaroo Fishy  apparently it has been caught with Choc Top Ice-cream. In the cash coin shop Spectacular Mystery Box which for 5 CC will give you an item no longer available in Pet Society. My first box I got a rare pink Piggy!!! These are only available for a limited time. You will also find in the cc shop a Secret Garden that unlocks when you buy all 3 fairies. Although it is a secret garden your friends are still able to see and visit you and your pet in the garden.

Tika & Clementine Enjoy The New Beautiful Secret Garden

Some of the new items released

Outback Wallpaper

Outback Wallpaper

Outback Floor

Outback Floor

Luxurious Lounger

Luxurious Lounger

Beach Hammock

Beach Hammock




Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus Tree

Loch Ness Plushie

Loch Ness Plushie



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Pet Society Pets Can Be Heard Singing Familiar Tune For Miles After New Items Released

A stroll after new item release today around Pet Society will find you humming to a familiar tune that can heard for miles around

  “We come from a land down under
Where Pets all go and the Mayor pounders
Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover.” (Yeahhh!)

There have been some reports of this being heard as far as Restaurant & Gangster City, these same reports have also claimed sometimes you can  hear faintly one voice singing all mumbled and off key. One can only speculate where this mysterious sound is coming from, possibly the Mayor performing at the Sydney Opera House or hmmmm perhaps that’s Hideeni playing the bagpipes…..

I don’t want to spoil all the fun of seeing the new items !!!! That’s all the hints I’m giving for today hop on down to Pet Society and see for yourself!! 

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New Pet Society Mystery Boxes Released Down Under Theme Coming?

4 new Mystery Box items have been released in todays Pet Society update. The new items found within the mystery boxes are  leading forum users to speculate if an Aussie styled theme is coming on Sunday’s 12 pm GMT time update.  Australia Day is celebrated on January 26th and is also refered to as Invasion Day. Along with the normal 3 new Mystery Box items released today was an extra special item for a Playfish fan you can read about it here.  Sure Hope Tristan’s ready for his new found fame being a pet celebrity can be tough work , just ask  the Mayor 😉

Yellow Hoodie –  RMB

Sun Tan Lotion – BMB

Aboriginal Teddy – GMB

Dames Sunnies – GMB

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